roasted chicken and vegetables

We have all heard it.  Someone tastes a piece of alligator, frog legs, squirrel, goat, etc. for the first time, and when asked they say, “it taste like chicken.” Well, since that is the case, we might as well just eat chicken.  So, I think it is appropriate to give you an awesome chicken recipe.  Since I am pecan girl, and pecans are like my superpower, I am going to have to throw some pecans somewhere in the recipe. Also, because it is about as hot as Hades right now, it is going to be something that will not require much cooking in that hot, summer kitchen.

 Pecan and Chicken Salad

What do you need:

8 ounces of chicken breast, boiled, baked, or picked up at your local grocer (That takes the stove completely out the equation.)

1 cup of celery, diced

4 apples, cubed

1 cup of Golden Kernel Pecan Pieces

1/2 cup of fat free mayo

1/2 cup of sour cream, reduced fat


Mix the fat free mayo and reduced fat sour cream together.   (You still need to keep that girlish figure for your swimsuit.) Combine the ingredients except for the pecans. Add the pecan pieces to the combined ingredients just before you serve it, and mix well.  Get yourself a pretty piece of lettuce, and put the salad on top.  Then, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you garnish with more pecans. Enjoy…





Red or White- and I am not talking wine

I know, I know, this is a blog about pecans.  However, it is also my blog, so I have to use this platform to discuss some really important topics that I feel strongly about. Today’s topic is Red or White.  I bet your mind went directly to wine or which wine you prefer; however, I am actually talking about peanuts.  Yes, peanuts.  There are people like me who take their boiled peanut seriously.  It took me awhile and a few pressure pots later, but I consider myself an expert of sorts on the topic of turning green peanuts into a Southern delicacy that I often call summer supper, the boiled peanut. The thing is that people who eat peanuts with the fervor that I do have their preferences.  There are people like my brother-in-law, Jerry, who love the red skinned peanuts.  The man will eat them raw.  He tells me that he thinks they have a better flavor. My grandmama used to eat the little Spanish peanuts (she called them). They were red skinned and tiny. Well, I do eat red skinned peanuts. They are always the first ones out for the season, and I am not a patient girl.  For the most part,I enjoy them and just happy to have peanuts in season. However, to be perfectly honest, they are a hassle to open.  They are smaller which makes it more difficult, and those tiny ones my grandmama ate were just too much work. Later, near the end of July, all the stars are aligned, all the pieces of the puzzle are complete, and all is right with the world because white skinned peanuts are ready for consumption.  I celebrate this time of the year and think that some of those fireworks that are shot on the 4th of July should be put aside to mark this special occasion. It would probably scare you all if you knew how many peanuts I can eat in a season.  There are days when I have cramps in my fingers from opening the things.  I know that is sad. So, I am obsessed with boiled peanuts.  I admit it.  I figure that there are a lot worse things with which I could be so enamored.  So, the countdown is on for me.  I readily await the sign that says, “white skin peanuts available.”  So, when this country girl is asked,”red or white,”  she has to go with white. I wanted to give the guys from Carolina Peanut and Palmetto Peanut a shout out.  Thanks for growing these pieces of white gold all over your farmland.  It sure makes the air around Calhoun County smell like heaven when you all turn those peanuts! South Carolina Peanut FieldEvery story has a beginning… Peanut Red Skinned Peanuts  Peanut White Skinned Peanuts Many Peanuts In Shells For Sale At Farmers Market a whole lot of awesome