Farmers Market Time, Baby!!!



One of the greatest joys in the universe is going out early in the morning and picking fresh vegetables out of the garden. There is just such a sense of pride that goes along with growing your own food. Country people have been doing this since, well, the beginning of time. Heck, if Eve would have behaved herself, we all could be enjoying garden living. But alas, she didn’t.   Nowadays people go to local farmers markets and even their local supermarkets to purchase their vegetables. During the summer months these places explode with visitors and customers who are in search of that perfect vegetable. So, what’s available this time of year around the South?


  • Sweet Corn– Local farmers in my small town have a yearly wager on who can produce the sweetest corn. People actually discuss it at the corner gas station and post office. Honestly, I think that sweet corn is why butter and salt were invented.

maize cob on old wooden background

  • Tomatoes–   My grandmother used to eat tomatoes with all her summer meals. She would put them with grits in the morning, bacon and lettuce at noon, and with rice, butter beans, squash, and whatever else was on the menu for supper.

 Tomato plant

  • Squash-  I love yellow squash. As a kid, I would only eat them fried. (which I must admit is still my favorite) However, as I grew older, so did my taste buds. Squash is great in a stir-fry with Vidalia onions and bacon.

Yellow Courgette Plant

  • Cucumbers- Cucumbers are great by themselves, or they can be eaten in a little cucumber, tomato, and onion salad. People around my house love them with just salt and pepper or vinaigrette.

Tasty green cucumbers on sackcloth background

  • String beans- I swear that string beans make me smile, fresh ones that is. My grandma taught me to take the string out with a peeler. It makes a difference, I am not joking. If you want floss, get a piece of floss out of the bathroom. It is not supposed to come with beans on your plate.

 the fresh green beans in bowl

  • Green PEANUTS- yeah, I know I am pecan girl, but I can ‘t help it. I love boiled peanuts. In fact, they are my supper at least one of two nights a week during their season. My kids think I am nuts! Unfortunately, I am a salt freak, and I am sure that has something to do with it. Anyway, eat up on the red skins now because larger white skins will be here very soon.
South Carolina Peanuts

South Carolina Peanuts


Okay, don’t waste a minute of your summer. It is not only the most laid back time of the year, it is also the best time to eat fresh vegetables. Get thou to the Farmers Market!








1 thought on “Farmers Market Time, Baby!!!

  1. Love this! Spoken like the true Southern Lady that you are! I am ready for boiled peanuts too…… salty!

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