Hurry up and wait!

Well, the pecan season has come and gone, and it is only February.  That means until November 01,2014, I have to sit at my desk and wait for the new pecan crop to drop.  It can certainly make for some boring “it is just 9:30AM” days around Golden Kernel Pecan Company.

For me, it now gives me time to focus on a class I am taking.  The South Carolina State Department of Education offers through The College of Charleston’s graduate school classes for those of us with SC teaching certifications an opportunity to take classes toward an online certification.  This is a grand opportunity for me.  I have been out of the classroom for nearly ten years, and I have to admit that I miss it more than I ever thought possible.  Granted, I do not miss the bureaucracy of it all, but I do miss my kids and my teaching friends.

A teaching career did not pick me like it does so many in the profession.  I did not dream of growing up and becoming a teacher.  It was something that I decided to do for a little while, and I had very rewarding experiences for the most part.  I mean, let’s get real.  There are some kids out there who are just plain mean and try to bully not only other kids, but adults, as well.  However, you get that in all professions.  The stories I could tell about being responsible for customer service here at Golden Kernel. What I miss the most about teaching is the dialogue with students and being able to share ideas that they nor I may never have thought about before now.  The little nuggets of gold I would receive while grading papers written by my students is what I am lacking in my professional life.

So, with the pecan season over, I will use this time to learn all I can about “blended” education.  Oh, the possibilities of it all are endless.